One of the things that really pisses me off about eBook pricing is that it's really not that dissimilar from the cost of a paperback. Maybe $2 difference for most things, and sometimes not at all for a new release.
Considering that the average margin on a book for the retailer is 40%, and that literally none of the… » 7/25/14 5:59pm Yesterday 5:59pm

As someone heavily involved in a very large LARP group, I can't help but wonder what effects the week(end) long, in-character-at-all-times events will have on kids that age.
When they're at school and during show and tell speak about how elves helped them escape from a band of orcs and then slay a minotaur to get a… » 7/23/14 4:46pm Wednesday 4:46pm

How is it that people aren't just pointing at the Miami coastline and going "See that? That's visible sea level rise. If you are saying there's no visible proof and it's all computer modelling, you're a F-ing moron."
Or doing the exact same thing for the Maldives, the Phillipines, Japan, low lying areas of, well, every… » 7/14/14 4:40pm 7/14/14 4:40pm

You are using a false equivalency.
It isn't a case of ad populum if they've come to that position without each others' direction. The vast majority of them have been independent researchers that have become part of a consensus. Some have even previously been skeptics and had their mind changed by weight of the… » 6/28/14 10:17pm 6/28/14 10:17pm

This was kind of obvious if you read the books, but I don't think it was an attempt on her part to be progressive, but rather shocking. In the 80s when the books were written same sex parenting would have been scandalous and assumed a cover for paedophilia (which Poppy Z Brite happily jumped all over like Dr Oz on a… » 6/19/14 2:55am 6/19/14 2:55am

Misinformation that comes from the "scientific community" is quickly quashed by the peer review process, and only results that are both observable and repeatable become accepted within that community at large. Hence the reason previous, and prominent, climate change skeptics now believe what the other 97 out of each… » 6/17/14 6:37pm 6/17/14 6:37pm

#4 and #6 are ridiculous simply on the basis that many people genuinely enjoy the company of other pack mammals.
There is an affection and warmth you can get neither from reptiles or other people that owning a dog provides.
And for all the Subs in denial out there, there is cat ownership. » 6/14/14 10:08pm 6/14/14 10:08pm