They start with software that writes software. Suppose, says Berkeley-based AI-maker Steve Omohundro, scientists create software that writes better software than humans. And suppose it gains enough awareness of its own computer program to improve itself. Is there a theoretical limit to how intelligent it can…

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To judge from the cut aways, I'm pretty sure the lower 4/5 of that picture is actually meant to be a cut away view of the subterainnean system, not fly overs / ELs.
Other than bullet shaped trains, it honestly doesn't look dissimilar to plans my state level government published for upgrades to our city loop. » 1/09/15 7:00pm 1/09/15 7:00pm

Now that Hipsters are on the way out and it's still cool to be a nerd, the next "fashion" to become mainstreamed will be "Cosplay", conveniently forgetting the second half of that portmanteau.
This is mostly because Thinkgeek's range of hoodies will make it easy and cheap to do slacktacular cosplaying.
Naturally, there…
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