Dumb shit like this is why I'm almost glad my bookstore basically died (Thanks, Bookdepositorydotcom!)
These sorts of arguments were actually pretty common place in my store between customers (but good customer service basically means not taking a side, and good SF&F fandom means just enjoying the shit you enjoy and… » 4/05/15 7:07pm 4/05/15 7:07pm

So you've clearly never been to Ireland, India, Pakistan, Sudan or southern states of the USA because there's an absolute shit ton of people in those places that have done and do horrendous and F-d up things to other people for purely political purposes in the name of Christianity over the last 50 years. » 3/29/15 2:55am 3/29/15 2:55am

American TV could really take a hint from the Brits on this front: WRITE THE ENTIRE GORRAM FIRST SEASON BEFORE YOU EVEN SHOOT THE PILOT! And also bother to do outlines for future seasons, so you don't end up being full of pointless bullcrap and flying by the seat of your pants. » 3/11/15 11:36pm 3/11/15 11:36pm

Because the dude's a goth you can't listen to an area he's got expertise in?

I like Adi Shankar.
He's one of the newer generation producers that aren't entirely up themselves, and he's clearly a massive nerd. The kind that should be given the right to make films based on comic book IPs because he'll know how to make… » 3/07/15 1:18am 3/07/15 1:18am