Possibly the reason Hollywood is recycling tropes is because scientists are telling us that the future has very little place for humanity as it is now.
Space exploration and initial (maybe) construction & settlement will be done by semi-autonomous drones and maybe human originated AI, not people. With the way the… » 9/17/14 4:14pm Yesterday 4:14pm

Outside of BronyCon where the roles are reversed—where they're odd for liking My Little Pony and I'm normal for ignoring it—the bronies are in a constant struggle to receive the respect that they're so happy to give out. For all their kindness, they're rewarded with ridicule and abuse.

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It's all well and good to go on about the rights one has, but when you naively waive those rights (i.e. placing personal and private information on a networked service that explicitly points out it's meant for public usage and in no way offers you any explicit guarantees about safety... aka every social media platform… » 9/01/14 5:10pm 9/01/14 5:10pm